What we do.

Our website was built with your charity in mind, we want to help you maximize your potential. We have designed a website that encourages donations by rewarding your donors with a car wash. Partner with our members who are offering car washes at a substantial discount to help your organization raise money.

Collect Money Online:

The website collects money for you. Your donors make payments in increments of $10. We distribute the money to you by check when your fund raising campaign ends.

Distribute Wash Reward Vouchers Electronically:

Donors will receive a single use wash certificate sent to their email address for each $10 donated. We distribute the wash certificates, and if your donor loses the certificate, the donor can retrieve the certificate online.

Market to your donor base online:

The website has built in marketing tools to advertise your fund raising campaign to your donor base. You can use our built in email link to let potential donors know about your charity. The website also has tools to share the offer on Facebook and Twitter. Encourage your donors to let their friends and family know about your cause through social media and email.

Provide Customer Support:

We have an in house support staff in Wakefield, MA that is available to answer your questions about the Website.